I’ll be back

When I started my Youtube channel last year around this time, I was in between jobs and had quite some time on my hands to release some video’s. Inspired by the likes of Techmoan, 8-bit guy and others I started to post some video’s on tech stuff I was working on at the time. It took some courage to get in front of the camera and put it out there. But I was quite pleased with result especially when I found that a lucky item on the combination of Volumio and Spotify Connect clearly struck a cord.

It was merely spreading the word of a solution which was discussed in a niche forum, to the wider public of people using Youtube as an information resource. A nice amount of views and hartwarming comments were the result, Thanx for that everybody. This is of course something I liked to continue, but then there was this new job, Damn!

No, that really is a positive thing of course. But time became more scarces especially due to my 3 hour commute every working day, resulting just one posted video in September. But my channel has been on my mind, writing down topics, reading up and getting my hands on voice assistants and AI on the Raspberry pi,  FPV quadrocopter things, vintage electronics like some nice Sony walkmans and Commodore Amigas. In the meanwhile I found a home closer to my new job and will be moving there beginning next year. At my new house I will have space that I can dedicate as an electronics “lab” and studio, so I am planning a “relaunch” in the spring next year. So thanks for your support so far and bear with me. As T-800 Arnie would say: I’ll be back!

I’ll be back

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